Meet the Artist

The Story...

RN Artworks exclusively represents the work of Raheem Naqi a talented young artist who is based in the harbour city of Sydney, Australia.

Raheem is an artist who derives his inspiration from many various sources including the sea, different landscapes and different spectacular regions across the world. His paintings capture small snippets from amazing areas from around the world and bring them into peoples homes. His artworks are sure to brighten up anyones home.

His artworks have a different composition and complexion to many other paintings and are vibrant and joyful. He uses bold and bright colours on his palette, together combined and portrayed elegantly on a canvas to produce an amazing array of stylized and unique art. His artworks are constructed using only the finest top quality acrylic paint which enable him to create wonderful and vibrant paintings.

Raheem has sold to many places not only in Australia but also wordwide including overseas in China and the United States. Many art loving folks from far and wide have acquired his colourful and gorgeous paintings to brighten up their homes and offices. Most of all his artworks don't cost a fortune so anyone can have a slice of lively art.


Artist's Statement

Bright, bold and vibrant is the way i like to paint. My inspiration is what i find intriguing may it be the ocean, landscapes or other interesting countries or objects around the world. I am inspired by other artists and different places and landscapes that i find to be unique or unnatural, it all can be portrayed and expressed on canvas.

A place where i like to be is in my studio creating and experimenting with art. I love to create artworks which are unique and paintings which have their own personality to them.I like to uses acrylics as my main medium, due to its versatility and wide variety of bright and cheerful colours. Art isn't like another job or chore, but a way to express my thoughts and visions. 

Creating little snippets from interesting sceneries and introducing them into peoples homes to be shared with others I have great satisfaction in. Art outlives people, and having my works displayed and enjoyed by many generations around the world is definitely something which inspires me to keep creating. It makes every brushstroke worthwhile.

Finally, take a look at my website, have a look at my artworks and send me your feedback. Thank you for viewing my site and your interest in my paintings.